Marketing for startups

marketing for startups

You have a startup and know how important marketing is for your growth strategy? You tried do it yourself or with your team but realized you don’t have the time nor the capability to take care of this aspect?

So you need to hire a professional and I am there for you!  The aim of my marketing for startups services is to help you succeed. Whether you want to learn and do it yourself once you are ready or work on a long time base, my digital marketing solutions will get you out there.  

Whether you already have a digital marketing strategy in place or we need to start from scratch, we will find the solution that works for you.


Why Anna Franchi?  
    • Empathy: I have founded and worked in startups, as well as in accelerators. You will be working with an empathic peer who feels your pain because she has been where you are
    • Specialization: you will work with a professional specializing in digital marketing for startups, which is totally different from services for established business
    • Big network: you might find the right person for your various needs through my network
    • Efficient time management: you will save time because you won’t need to travel for meetings since I work remotely.
    • Flexible schedule: due to remote working, my schedule is flexible and I can adapt to your needs
    • International experience: having worked in different countries, I can easily adapt to your working culture.
      • Multilingual communication: I speak Italian, German, English, Spanish and French and will communicate and work in your language, where possible
    • Form you and your team: until you are ready to do it yourself. If you prefer our collaboration can be long term
    • Competitive prices and packages according to your needs
  • 3-6 months trial: to see how we work together


These are the different fields I specialize in. Depending on your needs the actual projects and packages may vary.


Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy

If you already have one, we will revise and update it.

If you are new to marketing services, we will create a strategy for you, looking at your product, goal and target. If you are at a very early stage and didn’t identify your target, don’t worry, we will work on that as well.

Our strategy will be integrated, involving and including different channels.

The digital marketing strategy is a vital document that will guide us in our daily projects and duties. It is an  always in progress document that we will periodically revise according to the situations.


SEO is what helps you improving your ranking on  search engines. There are many different techniques and we will work on what best suits you.

It is all a matter of building trust with the search engines. The key to all of it is content, which leads us to the next point  

Content Writing

An engaging content on your website will help you building trust not only with search engines, but also with potential clients.

From the about us page of your website to your blog or vlog, you will stand out.

Social Media Management

Social media can be a very effective and relatively inexpensive tool to raise awareness around your company and product as well as find new customers. You will probably already use it privately but, in order to work for your business, you need the right strategy.

I have track record of getting over 30k social media followers in 5 months for a startup.

Email Marketing

Whether you already have a database of potential/current clients or you need to create one, your email marketing campaigns will integrate with the other channels and keep your audience engaged and informed.

I have record of above industry average open and click through rates in email marketing campaigns for startups.


If you want to further boost your business with the right target, we can work on the best adwords campaign for you. You will see new customers coming to you.


The last step is always analyzing results, in order to see how to improve. 

I will periodically prepare a report that will guide us in better defining the next steps of the marketing for startups strategy that best suits you.


If you have any questions about the marketing for startups services, please feel free to email me at

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