Stories from the world of digital marketing and nomads

A weekend in West Bali exploring the essence of the island
  My life in Bali is just made of incredible experiences and inspiring encounters. Last weekend was one of those
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Know your target market
Do you know your target market?
Do you know your target market? Some founders don't have a clear idea on that. Here are some tips to
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A digital nomad in the Royal Palace of Kerambitan: 2 days in a fairy tale
In this post I share a personal story, an encounter with a Balinese prince and how he invited me to
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move to a new country
Pro tips you need to know when you move to a new country
  Follow my tips to be ready to move to a new country!  
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10 things you should know when planning your holiday marketing campaign
  We just left Halloween behind us, and this means only one thing: it’s time for your holiday marketing campaign.
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settle in
Funny facts that make you realize you settled in a new location
  Starting in a new location is always hard and requires some time, as you can read in my past
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8 reasons why you should care about having a mobile friendly website
  A mobile friendly website will benefit you in many ways. You’ve heard it before. However, when you run a
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networking tips
8 networking tips for digital nomads
My 8 networking tips that will get you new contacts in any situation.
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become a freelancer
How to become a freelancer and find your first clients
  In this video I share my experience on how to become a freelancer. For the ones who are tired
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start a blog
Why starting a blog will be the key to your success
  In the previous article of the content is king series, we discussed about good about us page. Now that
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become a digital nomad
5 reasons why millennials decide to become a digital nomad
Are you a millennial wanting to become a digital nomad but you’re afraid of taking that risk? I talk to
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how to write an about us page
Content is king: how to write an about us page that people will remember
  If you want to improve your online presence, one of the easiest things you can look at is your
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starting a new life
Why starting a new life where you don’t know anyone will make you a better person
I just arrived in Bali and, for the fifth time in the past five years, I’m starting a new life.
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how to pack when moving
Your life in a suitcase: 4 ideas on how to pack when moving to a new country
  Packing is a big part of a digital nomad’s life, the most annoying one for me. I’m about to
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Digital Nomad
I don't want realism, I want magic: how I became a digital nomad
  It all started in August 2013, I was on the plane flying to the States for my semester abroad
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